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WHAT IS 200K FOR 200K?

On 29-31 March 2019, I shall complete the last of my HCA ultrarunning trilogy (100K for 100K in 2014; 160K for 160K in 2016) when I participate in the Monster Ultra 200 to raise $200,000 for HCA Hospice Care.

There are two compelling reasons:

  1. I shall complete my 5-year presidency in August 2019 at the HCA's AGM; this is my farewell gift to this great organization.

  2. I lost my brother-in-law, Ching Sim Lie on 2 August 2018 when he was called home to the Lord. I am running in loving memory of a wonderful brother and a trusted friend.


Nearly all of us want to end life's journey at home. But on average, that wish comes true only 30% of the time. The multidisciplinary team at HCA Hospice Care trains, equips and supports family caregivers so that the patient can die in the comfort of his/her own home, in the presence of his/her loved ones, with minimal suffering and with dignity.


Such compassionate and loving services are provided free of charge to all, regardless of citizenship and socioeconomic status. HCA operates on a $12 million annual budget to care for nearly 4,000 families each year.

I'd be grateful for your generous gift to this 30 year old charity (IPC) so that it can continue to journey with those families whose loved ones are in their last days. Thank you so much for your gift.

Click here to contribute to our cause.


Dr Tan Poh Kiang

5th president of HCA Hospice Care

(2014 - 2019)

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